About JCPC

Japan Cleaning Productivity Council (JCPC hereafter) was founded in 1958 to improve productivity of the Japanese cleaning industry. It was named after Japan Productive Center that made a significant contribution to the foundation of the JCPC.
The JCPC offers not only an opportunity to learn productivity. It has a wide scope offering activities such as follows:

Good management is one of the most crucial elements for success, The JCPC holds an annual seminar called gMeeting for Managersh. It was initially intended to introduce American gManagement Training Programh, however, it shifted its focus to management, as written above, due to the change of needs.

The JCPC attends gInternational Drycleaners Congressh every year. The congress started as an association of the dry-cleaning industry of only two countries (US and Japan) but today visitors come from all over the world. It was hosted in London last year, and it is planned to take place in Kobe, Japan, this year.
The JCPC, also, arranges local visits to distinguished cleaning factories. The visits are popular attracting a large number of participants.

The JCPC runs a training workshop (TWI) to introduce practical tips and hints to managers how to increase productivity of employees effectively, based on methods of teaching work, improving efficiency, and a study of care of employees.

There is, also, another seminar on financing though irregularly.

Please feel free to contact us if you need further information.
Japan Cleaning Productivity Council Chairman,
Nobuyasu Igarashi

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